Half Decent Live
October 13, 2017
7:00 pm
George Tavern

Tigmus in London is proud to present: Half Decent & Friends!

Oxford-based rapper and producer already turning heads in the UK and beyond with music he describes as ‘a mixture of personal reflection and innovative sound’ motivated by his experiences, both what he sees and hears in his own life and the lives of those around him too.

“I’ve loved music as far back as I can remember, making beats with a cheap little keyboard and an old record player recording into a tape cassette. As a kid I was into acting and scriptwriting after seeing ‘The Blues Brothers’ but soon realized the chances of making good movies in my bedroom where slim, but figured I could make good music in my bedroom and tell the stories I had in me that way…”

His descriptive use of wordplay snares interest and expresses feelings with a use of a dynamic, stable then at points spray-can flow, that can mould with or jump out of detailed, diverse production that most rappers would have to employ a whole host of producers to achieve. In fact, he produces beats for a diverse list of international acts like Kitty Cowell, Knothead, Deverlish and Inspect-A-Rhyme as well!

Supports TBA

DJ’s till 3am!

Limited £3 early bird tickets available. £4 advance tickets and £5 on the door!