Half Decent Launches Spotify Playlist ‘Half Decent’s Day Off’

It is a regular occurrence that people ask me my influences, favorite rappers or even just what I’m listening to at the moment. So now i have launched a Spotify playlist that I will keep refining and updated for everyone to enjoy.

‘Half Decent’s Day Off’ boasts genres included but not limited to include Hip Hop, Grime, DnB, R&B, Dance, Garage and just great songs. It has been launched with 50 songs initially that are all songs that have influenced Half Decent’s music one way or another. Expect to hear UK Hip Hop Pioneers, Rap Legends, electronic music innovators, great song writing and Prince.  The playlist will be updated by 10 songs every week but never go over 100 songs so you can expect the list to completely different overtime.

“I’m excited about the release of ‘Half Decent’s Day Off’, Already included is a lot of my favorite rappers and a bunch of UK HipHop that really crafted who i was as an artist. I’ve also padded it out with some songs that i can just relax to. I’m a music lover first and this is a good way to hopefully show people what I like, best listened to on shuffle for variety”